The Path of Life Guidebook: A Spirit, Mind, and Body Journal
Pamela Sanders Ellis, O.D., Ph.D., Author
       People are making choices everyday concerning lifestyle; one that reflects the love of God, the love of self, and/or the love of idols.  The Path of Life Guidebook helps the reader to discover the keys or principles, that when applied consistently, result in healthy, successful, and satisfying lives now, with rewards, for all eternity.  In knowing these principles, you will discover the laws of attraction that will, generally, result in the favor of God and man in your life. 

       By providing an outline of a prayerful reflection life process, the author encourages the reader to search deeper into the realms of the mystery of God in themselves and in others by way of self-knowledge and God-given wisdom.  By seeking virtue through spiritual union, the reader is encouraged to practice self-examination via mind and body "quality of life" choices.

       If you or a love one would like assistance in developing a comprehensive life plan, purchase The Path of Life Guidebook.  It is written to inform and inspire all those who read it.